So, a long while ago, I again came face to face with the mortality of life….the cold fact that life, as we know it, will one day come to an end…just like that….sometimes without any prior notification, stared me hard in the face and I was somewhat scared, to be honest.

I attended the service of songs of a really beautiful woman who had been called to eternal glory. Seeing the hall filled and some people even still left standing, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of woman she was.

She must have been a really beautiful person, to begin with, and must have impacted on so many lives positively. As I skimmed through the crowd with my eyes, some crazy thoughts just kept going through my mind…

  • Did she know she was loved and appreciated by so many people?
  • What was the last interaction she had with each of these people who have come to pay their respects?
  • What was her life like?

My eyes kept darting through the crowd as random thoughts kept wandering through my mind and then I realized, we do not know which moment indeed would be our last. Heck! We don’t even need to know.

Borrowing the words of Johnny Depp in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides, “It is better to not know which moment may be your last. Every morsel of your entire being alive to the infinite mystery of it all”.

 More often than not, we feel the worst thing that could ever happen to a man is dead when in fact, it is not. The worst thing that could ever happen to an individual is not living at all or if I might put it this way, AN UNLIVED LIFE.

Having to go through life each day as though we are just turning the pages of a book isn’t actually living….when we have nothing to look forward to; when nothing drives you to want to get out of bed and go utilize the beautiful days of life, isn’t actually living….that is us actually just breathing in air and being alive.

Life as we know it can come to an end even just before we begin to live and once that happens, it is a done deal because we only got one shot at it. The question, therefore, is: HOW WELL DO YOU LIVE?

Happiness is a state of the mind and is not dependent on any physical/material thing or anybody. It is what it is if only you allow it to come to you. Seeing the world as it ought to be and not as it is, takes us faster to our happy place than any other vehicle possibly can because your happy place lies deep within you.

We have to tune our thought process to those beauties of life we want to attract to ourselves – true love, happiness, peace, laughter, joy, forgiveness, friendship, etc. You do not want to play or toy with the powers of your mind. You would be so shocked at how powerful a magnet it is and how strongly it attracts the kind of thoughts you allow to flow through you.

It is the vibes you put out to the universe that comes back to you. So in essence, we are what we make our lives to be.

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