At the time J.F.Kennedy thought up the idea of putting a man on the moon, I guess the first person or people he shared his thoughts with may have thought in their minds, “Are you crazy? What kind of impossible task is this?” Perhaps those close to him even asked him the question outrightly.

Most likely, Thomas Eddison was mocked and laughed at, the 1000th time he failed at his attempt to invent the light bulb. Perhaps he was told, “Why don’t you give up already? This is just a crazy idea”. How about Charles Babbage, who invented the computer? Can you imagine what negative reactions he must have received from those who figured he was wasting his time at something almost impossible?

Our human nature though, is designed in such a way that we can easily adapt to new ideas or change, our limited mindset often hinders us, especially Africans. We do not see the opportunities presented to us in Africa because the challenges and limitations in our continent shroud them. Technology, as we enjoy it today, are the ideas of crazy people brave enough to weather the storm of criticisms they must have received during the early attempts at trying out their innovative ideas. 

A lot of them may have been told on more than one occasion, “You are crazy to think you can achieve this” but it is often these crazy ideas that turn out to be deserving of so many accolades and applause. These innovators persistently worked towards achieving their goals and today their names are written in the hall of fame for their contribution to humanity.

Genius ideas are often founded on the premise of “YOU ARE CRAZY” not because these ideas are actually crazy in themselves but because our limited mindsets often find it too difficult to accomplish. Crazy ideas rule the world today because it is daring to do the seemingly impossible. The level of technological advancement in the world today has shown that so long as we can think up an idea, then we can achieve it. The broader the mind gets, the more exposed we are to possibilities, the more daring and innovative our creativity and imaginative process get.

How often have you been tempted to give up on your ideas because you were criticized in the initial attempts that failed? How often have you felt like entrepreneurship is not meant for you and you dust your CV to go back to the job hunt? Persistence is key. No idea is ever silly. No idea is ever a waste. In Africa, lies the hub of opportunities for entrepreneurs. There is so much we can do to bring massive growth and development to our continent, some of which may already be existing in the developed world. As a newbie in the entrepreneurial world, try to think outside the box and launch at your innovative idea.

Giving up shouldn’t even be an option because it is so last 100 seasons. No one wants to be redundant. People these days want to be relevant, so they find their footing and establish themselves there. We all want to be part of something great. Ignore the fear, see past the failures, learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you get it right. Of course, you may be called crazy but that is fine because at the end, those who call you crazy, will be the ones to gladly associate themselves with you at your victory party.

Never let that crazy idea slip past you. Have the courage to write your name in the sands of time.

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