Coming back home late that night, totally drunk and wasted, Tony Chike-Daniels, figured his depression and problems has been drowned by the bottles of alcohol he had consumed. He fell into a deep sleep with the hope that when he wakes up, everything would automatically become fine and he could go on living his stress-free life.

The splitting hangover he had the next morning was a definite indication that the night before wasn’t a dream and his problems were still waiting for him to fix them. Successfully stumbling out of bed by 12 pm, he managed to clean up and had something to eat. His plan was to stay home all day and not even think of work.

Flipping through the TV stations, he came across his favourite channel, Entrepreneurship rides, but he didn’t feel like watching anything that would remind him of his issues. Just as he was about to flip past the station in a flash, he heard “….. to reinvent your business. A lot of people don’t know these tricks”, the speaker on TV continued.

The words, reinvent your business peaked his interest as these magical words may just be the solution his business needs to have a major comeback. It’s not as if anything could get worse with him listening to the show, he decided on the channel. World-renowned business mogul and motivational speaker, Rex Jackson, adorned the TV screen as he went on

“…….once my business was fast failing because I was in a rut. I had reached a point where I experienced mental blockades and so many obstacles that it felt as though all the air in my lungs were leaking out fast. I was backed into a corner where I had to make several decisions on the right path for the business. I began to second-guess my strategies. I allowed the crisis of that moment cause me to regret missed opportunities and risks I wasn’t bold enough to take. I felt like a failure. I was at rock bottom and I figured the only place I had to go was up. I pushed past the resistance I felt and forged on, gradually climbing out of the rut, one step at a time and today, I have an empire”.  

Here are 3 trusted ways you can revamp your failing business and rise back to the top:

  1. Break the resistance barrier. You don’t need to fear change instead let it be the charge that ignites your passion, drive and ambition to succeed. Go back to your vision and mission of your company. Remind yourself of the dreams you once had and allow this refuel your energy to push past all the boundaries. This is your company. No one understands it better than you.
  2. Believe in yourself like never before. Of all the things learnt in school, nothing ever prepares an entrepreneur for the transformational journey his/her company would face. While the world may not be so open to welcoming the idea you are bringing, don’t be deterred by this but instead warm your way into the heart of the society. Stay determined and optimistic and your passion would attract the right market to you.
  3. No better time than to START  now. Enough with the regrets and pity party. Having gone back to the drawing board, take action with your new strategies, even if they don’t work, keep trying until you get it right. Your most invaluable knowledge comes from the errors and mistakes. Learn the corrections and effect them immediately.

Your business would remain crippled until you decide to take action. Keep your eyes on the goal and you would be amazed at the growth and progress your business would make.

Effecting these tips, Chike-Daniels is happy now, running a multi-million naira company and just like him, I hope your business story has a major comeback after trying these methods. As Dennis Quaid said, “If you’re going to stick around in this business, you have to have the ability to reinvent yourself whether consciously or unconsciously”.

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