She is no stranger to wars and battles, having fought so many in all her years. Some she won, some she lost but her bravery and fearlessness placed her in the ranks of warriors of the Esan tribe. Now blessed with all the fine things of life, Aituaje relishes in her numerous blessings but would they be permanent? Now she is faced with the Ultimate Battle, one she needs to fight alone with no help from comrades or other war heroes and yes, it is a fight to the death. Will her courage and strength add this final battle to her list of conquests and victories or will it be the death of her?

AITUAJE in THE ULTIMATE BATTLE is a short story of courage, overcoming fears, conquering the past and becoming the legend of your story.

A short story of Ibhade, the caterpillar who unsatisfied with her life, found the courage to become a beautiful butterfly. This is a story of embracing one’s self in all entirety, breaking free from the chains of mediocrity and the norm, while striving to live happily in the joy of who she is and what she has become.

It was the Moon for eating fresh corn. The people of Ewu Kingdom had gathered round the bonfire as is their custom every forth-night since the present Onojie assumed the throne. In a bid to preserve the history and culture of the people, the Onojie had come up with a plan to gather his subjects every forth-night and tell them stories of their culture – the Esan Tribe. On this particular night, the Onojie takes the villagers on a journey back to the 14th century when Oba Ewuare I was the monarch of the great Benin Kingdom. How did the reign  of this Oba birth the Esan tribe to existence? 

This Esan story is a non-fictional story as was detailed by the Late Dr Christopher G. Okojie in his book, Esan Native Laws and Customs With Ethnographic Studies of the Esan People.   

The erratic and somehow ambitious nature of the young Oba of the Great Benin kingdom had caused him to become a tyrant. Having dominated most of the neighboring villages and expanded his kingdom, still, he wanted more. With little or no regard for the lives of his subjects, he was prepared to go to war with any land that defiled his authority. His tyranny wasn’t a secret and his pride and arrogance were fast becoming his Achilles heel. Now he intends to bring war to the people of Ewu Kingdom. The Warrior Princesses of Ewu knew they had to do something if they were to avert the looming war between both tribes. Making their way to Benin, the bravery, courage and confidence of these princesses almost cost them their heads as they boldly confront the Oba to make a case for their people.

Will they succeed or will their heads be sent back to their father on pikes?