About Me

It was Monday morning. 

The kids were excited for the first period because it was for the History lesson. The teacher had promised a fun time today and rightly so because as was given in the assignment the day before, everyone was expected to be dressed in their different cultural attires and “show off” the pride of their culture. 

The enthusiasm among the children couldn’t be missed as each was busy rehearsing what they would present. While some practised the lines of their poems fluently in their dialect, some others were practising their songs, the expression on their faces could tell they understood the meaning of what they were singing, some others were telling stories etc. 

The purpose of the assignment was to get the kids ready for “Culture Week” which was coming up soon. Everyone was thrilled and looking forward to this week, well, everyone but Ejemen. 

She wasn’t as excited because she could neither speak fluently nor fully understand her language – Esan language from Edo State. Although she was beautifully dressed as a typical Esan girl, with her hair styled in the traditional Eto-Okuku way and adorned with beautiful red coral beads. She tied a long length velvet wrapper which reached her ankles. She had the Ivie-Uru (beaded necklaces) round her neck and Ivie-Ebo (hand beads) on both wrists. Her ears commanded attention with the Emi-Ehorivie (bead earrings) and on her shoulders, rested the Ewu-Ivie (beaded cape). 

Ejemen looked every bit like a stunning Edo bride. She had her Esan song ready for her performance but still, she wasn’t very happy. She felt left out because she couldn’t speak her mother-tongue fluently, hence couldn’t “show off” as much as her other classmates. 

She grew up in a household where only English was the spoken language. Her parents hardly spoke Esan to her and she was surrounded by people who mostly spoke English.

Culture Week came and though she did beautifully well with her song, she still felt unhappy. Most of her mates were proudly displaying their beautiful culture in different ways – poems, drama, storytelling etc. but Ejemen had settled with the song she had learnt over and over so she could pronounce the lyrics correctly. 

Fast forward to many years later, Ejemen has since settled with her fate that she may be language-deaf😔because no matter how much she tried, she just couldn’t speak Esan as fluently but that didn’t deter her strong desire to want to know more about her culture. She was even more interested. She listened ardently and always found fascinating, the stories her dad told her about their tribe, particularly about their village – Ewu. 

With a blossoming career as a Content Creator, she decided to creatively pen these stories her dad told her so she could share them with the world, particularly with children. She believes understanding one’s culture and the “Why” behind the way things are done, at a young age, keeps children better informed and knowledgeable about their roots as they grow. This way, not only preserving the culture but creating room for changes where need be as the times change and could also be a means of putting an end to inter-tribal differences. 

More research about her culture led her to write more children stories (fiction and nonfiction) that even adults enjoy. Yes, she may not be able to speak the language as fluently as she wants but if she can educate others about the culture and pass this knowledge via storytelling to others, she can live with that.  

I am the Ejemen in this fictitious story😁. 

My name is Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili but fondly called Khuana😊. I am a Content Creator and Creative Writer. My pen is my magic tool with which I create varying types of contents for clients – speeches, blog posts, proposals, company profiles, research, website contents, social media captions, quotes, articles, newsletters etc. but my all-time favourite is writing children stories about the Nigerian culture, especially about my tribe, the Esan people from the Great Benin Kingdom. 

Many a time, it is often assumed (especially for those who don’t know the difference) whenever I identify myself as an indigene of Edo State, it invariably means I am from the Bini tribe. Edo State has Bini, Esan and Afemai as its major sub-ethnic groups and while there are numerous stories out there about the Bini tribe, not much can be found about the Esan people and I mean to change that with my stories. 

My interest in wanting to know how my tribe came to be, ignited my creative storytelling side and it has been really fascinating. I have a number of fiction stories published and over 500 original quotes to my credit.

I have been an online contributor to a number of reputable websites such as Flourish Africa, Aim Higher Africa, Noella Foundation, Rethink Lagos, My Trending Stories, Medium and I am also the owner of the amazing blog, Khuana’s Corner. 

My Passion

Although I have a science background, writing always came naturally to me since I was a child. In 2008, I attempted my first health storybook, THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and HIV, to help children better understand the deadly virus but I didn’t publish it. 

My actual career journey began in 2012 and in all the jobs I got, I found ZERO happiness and satisfaction😔. I always wanted to be a writer and began working towards that. In 2014, I got my first writing gig😁 for a magazine and got about 5 articles published💃🏽💃🏽.

2016 marked the beginning of my journey as a Content Creator and Creative Writer. I started with quotes writing and then my blog, Khuana’s Corner😊. I was satiated with joy each time the words in me were birthed to reality on my screen with each click-clack on my keyboard👩🏽‍💻. I became a volunteer writer to other websites.

In 2017, I happily got my first job as a Content Manager even though the pay was lesser than what I got from my previous jobs😏. That soon changed and not only did I get job satisfaction, but was also well paid😁.  

In 2018, I got a better job offer as an Online Content Contributor in a PR company and I was afforded the opportunity to produce different contents, honing my skills better. 

In 2019, I launched as a Quotes Creator and sadly, lost my blog with about 200 articles I had written over the years from 2016😭. I was devastated🤦🏾 but undeterred. I began again, creating even better contents😁 this time, with my focus closer home to Africa🌍. 

2020 saw the birth of KHUANA as a Brand centred on the AFRICAN CULTURE, with a particular interest in my people, the ESAN TRIBE and the Great Benin Kingdom. Through Content Creation and the art of storytelling (Fiction and Nonfiction), I get to bring these great tribes and many more to the world. 

KHUANA is a brand built on my love for God, the Essence of life, my love for Africa, especially our unique and colourful Culture and Hope, which sums up the Beauty of life.

With my brand, I am determined to shed a more positive light on African Culture🌍 through quality CONTENT CREATION & CREATIVE WRITING.

My Motivation

Truly black and proud, my love for Africa has me invested in promoting the rich heritage of the African culture particularly that of my people – the Esan tribe, located in Edo State in the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. 

Our culture is our heritage and our pride and this is what makes us stand out beautifully as the proud Africans we are, aside the colour of our skin. In addition to the remarkable pace at which the world is fast evolving, people of our generation are more occupied with other things and are gradually forgetting their roots. 

Seeing a gap in this area, I decided to digitally preserve and promote the African culture through the art of storytelling so that no matter how much technology advances, our cultural heritage is kept safe for future generations.

Although a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Benin, my natural talents lie in the arts, hence my passionate love for anything and everything creative.

I am a fun-loving gal who loves life and is set to do great exploits in the writing world. When I am not writing, you can find me designing and producing casual wears, making handcrafts or creating photo e-album love stories for couples. Yesss!!! I love love🥰🥰😁. 

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Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find the contents on this site every bit engaging, interesting and informative. It is my hope that you find joy in my brand and may it be a blessing to Africa. 

KHUANA… Culture. Essence. Beauty.