“You can’t laugh at the same joke over and over. So why are you always crying about the same problem?” This was a line that struck me in a story I read a while ago. Can you relate to this?

Ever so often, we find ourselves complaining about the same problem over and over again while we sit back and do nothing about it. Whining doesn’t get us anywhere but action does. If you don’t like the way a particular thing is, do something about it if you can. If you can’t, why worry and stress your pretty head over it?

Worry has never been known to solve any problem or get anything done. It’s only good for one thing – a waste of time and energy. Life is too short to be unhappy. Focus more on things you can create rather than waste your time on things you have no control over.

Just the way you don’t find the same joke funny anymore after the third or fourth laugh, so also your complaint of the same problem sounds unpleasant to the ear after the third or fourth time. You have to take charge. Either change the situation or change your position on the matter.

Adorn that pretty face of yours with smiles and wipe off that frown immediately. You are too young to develop wrinkles. So stop stressing the muscles on your face and keep them always relaxed in a smile. Make history for yourself today. Let today be the day you decide to let go of every vain worry and take charge of your life.

Regardless of the opinion of others, remember your happiness matters. You can’t afford to let worry get the better part of your life. Corrie Ten Boom said, “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

Your time would be better spent on doing something productive rather than let worry eat away at your insides. Ironically, the thing you worry about may never happen or better still, may not turn out as bad as you expect.

You know why? Because the thing you are deeply worried about is less attached to you than you think. It’s just like building a huge parking space for just a scooter. Funny, isn’t it?

Always keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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