Hello! I Am​


Content Creator & Creative Writer

Mission Statement:

Using technology to digitally preserve and promote the culture of the African people, one tribe at a time, through storytelling and content creation.

Vision Statement:

To create a platform where the rich cultural heritage of the African people is infused into modern times encouraging cultural diversity and sustainability, positively grooming culture shapers with enlightened minds and better understanding of our identity as a people – who we are, where we are coming from and where we are going to.  

KHUANA is a brand centered on digitally promoting and preserving the AFRICAN CULTURE through the art of storytelling and Content Creation.
As a Creative Writer, my brand is invested in showcasing the originality of the African people, using our rich cultural heritage as a backdrop to foster the quality of life and give that cultural pride in one's identity by boosting that sense of belonging. KHUANA is committed to encouraging cultural sustainability - understanding culture as its own identity, cultural beliefs and practices, heritage preservation, and how to bring about positive cultural changes where necessary as the world evolves. I choose to begin with my own people - The ESAN TRIBE and The Great Benin Kingdom.
As a Content Creator, I take great pleasure in creating great quality contents for my clients as it would suit their business needs.

My Stories


Culturally Inclined

I love that my stories are all culturally inclined. Whether fiction or nonfiction, they are written with the aim of illuminating the beliefs and practices of a particular culture, hoping to shed light on how we can make it better by implementing positive changes where necessary.


In shedding more light on our culture, I love to keep it both educational and entertaining. I love that my stories can be engaging and relatable as well. My intention is to teach the lesson but in a fun and enjoyable way.


I pride myself in the originality and authenticity of all my stories and contents. Imagination fuels my passion to find new creative ways to make my contents always fun, interesting and amazing to the intellect.


My Happy Clients!

Areas of Expertise!

Simple and interesting short stories, both fiction and nonfiction centred on African Cultures. We begin with the Esan Tribe and The Great Benin Kingdom.

Amazing inspiring and motivational articles which cuts across Lifestyle, Business and Wellness.

Custom-made Web Contents, Social Media Management, Editing and Quotes Creation Services created to suit the needs of our clients.

Creating inspiring and motivational quotes that elicits happiness and positive vibes, all day, everyday.

It’s about capturing those experiences in its entirety and keeping your treasured memories evergreen, causing them to evoke those long-lasting positive emotions – love, happiness, laughter and joy.


At the time J.F.Kennedy thought up the idea of putting a man on the moon, I guess the first person or people he shared his thoughts with may have thought in their minds, “Are you crazy? What kind of impossible task is this?” 


So, I’m a very nice kid, well-behaved, polite and respectful. Some may even call me “courteous“😉 but for some reason, a lot of people… and I mean a lot, think me to be mischievous🙄🤷🏽‍♀️.

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