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MISSION STATEMENT: Bringing a new positive and inspired Africa to the world.

VISION STATEMENT: To revamp the African story using creativity, storytelling and ideation.

About Us

We Are An Awesome Agency

We are an African themed Creative Digital Agency committed to impacting lives as well as proffer tech-based innovative solutions to problems, particularly in Africa. For us, challenges are our goldmines. We are fun creatives – Writers, Bloggers, Wordsmiths, Designers, Craftsmen, Storytellers, Content Creators and Ideators, invested in showcasing our originality using our rich African cultural heritage. We want to digitally promote and preserve the African culture, so the world is aware of who we really are. Our services are branched into different departments, creating opportunities for everyone to fit in, individually utilise their skills and excel at their best, given the freedom to grow and update their abilities everyday. Just Khuana is indeed home…where fun creates magic.


We are


About Us

Meet Khuana

“Staying within the bubble of the “ordinary” is the lack of perseverance to go the one extra mile that would raise you to the pedestal of the “extraordinary”. Be it as a business or an individual, Africa has a voice and this is often expressed uniquely. Just Khuana is a company born to create that African “WOW” experience in the world using our magical tools – Creativity, Originality, Imagination and Innovation.”

– Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili

Our Culture...
Our Heritage...
Our Pride.


We are kick-ass creatives with a difference. We understand the business of play and are lovers of everything beautiful, colourful, African and simply unique. We easily get bored with the “regular” norms and always like to keep things spicy, super interesting and always fun. At Just Khuana, we transform our passion to creation.


We are fun lovers who know how to work smart and play hard. We have an established fun culture that creates a healthy work environment filled with so much positive energy and great vibes. Just Khuana is a place where passion marries talent and we birth all sorts of beautiful.


We don’t work with the word “I” rather we soar on the “We” wings. We see ourselves as different pieces of a puzzle and each, special. Only when we each bring our unique skill set and creative selves to the table, only then are we able to create that “WOW” effect and achieve incredible things.


We are a confident bunch whose passion is fueled only with positive energies. We don’t deny our rough days or failures but we always make it a point of duty to see every failure as a step closer to our success. We adorn ourselves with the cloak of determination to achieve all our set goals and meet our clients needs always.


One of the key points which we pride ourselves in, is our originality and authenticity. We believe in working with new ideas or tweaking old concepts to create our own innovative spin on it and make it new again. Our originality makes us feel like the only version of us and infusing it into our works, is our way of making our own marks in history.


We are super passionate about all we do and are intensely committed to making every customer that walk in, through our doors always leave feeling very satisfied and happy.

Contact us, let’s create magic together

First Step

Research & Analyze

We know that innovation changes the lock on the doors of old models, so for every project we work on, we bring the best of our creative minds to the table as we meticulously delve into our task while weaving our magic into every detail. We listen to the unspoken desires of our clients.

Our Goal – to meet the must-be needs of every customer.

Second Step

Sketch & Design

Imagination fuels our passion to find new creative ways to make our projects always fun. We finetune all of our drafts till we get that perfect finished product.

Our Goal – to make our clients super happy.

Third Step

Develop & Test

The world is our stage and we are not afraid to launch our ideas out there with the hope of creating a positive ripple effect that will cause that awesome transformation.

Our Goal – to give our clients a sensational success.



We either beat or always stick to the deadlines of our clients.


Excellence is our keyword

Great Service

What else are we existing for if not to please our customers and make them happy?

Fun Culture

With us, there is never a dull moment

Risk takers

So long as we believe and are convinced in that project, we are going for it.


We love proffering solutions to problems, especially as it relates to Africa


We are modern. We grow with the trend.


What more can be said? We are black and proud.

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